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Don’t resent yourself. Don’t resent yourself for something you did five years ago or this morning or hell even five minutes ago. At the end of the day remember you have to live with you and you can be your own biggest hero or enemy. And at the end of the day beating yourself will get you no where. So please don’t resent anyone in the first place but importantly don’t resent the one person you have to care of- you
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college plans? no no, i’m finally starting my pokemon journey

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harry potter + scenery

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Anonymous asked: What was your physical gender at birth? Jw! :)


category five kaiju


do not fall in love with people like me. i will take you to chuck e cheese and let everyone uncomfortably stare at us as i get way too into spider stomp.

Fashion WonderlandZuhair Murad

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vinyls i need to own eventually 

  • p!atd - a fever you cant sweat out: this album is so lame and beautiful all at the same time and i cant get over the happiness and love i have for its fast anthems and many sing alongs ive had and it holds the sweetest place in my heart 
  • frank oceans’- nostalgia, ultra- its really a tie between this one and channel ocean but nostalgia ultra has ‘there will be tears’ and i can still remember the exact place i was when i heard that song i felt it in my bones and cried
  • coldplay’s a rush of blood to the head- this album has saved me on so many occasions i cant even being to explain the love i have for this album
  • nirvana’s nevermind- say what you want but damn its a good album 
  • incubus’ make yourself- this is the one thing i have that i relate to my old man…and its a good thing  its one of the few rare beautiful good memories of him and take the emotional attachments out, i really do love the album stand alone but those heart wrenching add ons are so meaningful 
  • kanye’s 808’s and heartbreak or my beautiful dark twisted fantasy - either one would make me a happy eel


this hedgehog is cheering for u bc u can do anything image

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